Tuesday evening members of the Plymouth Redevelopment Commission approved a resolution to add a project to the project list in TIF District #3. 

The proposed project is for PIDCO’s development in TIF District #3.  They built an industrial building that is being leased by Plymouth Molding Group.  Instead of seeking a tax abatement for the construction investment of the building, PIDCO is asking for up to $60,000 in support over a period of a couple of years.  The request is less than what the tax abatement would have been. 

The resolution is just the first step in the process.  The Plymouth Plan Commission would look at the project request and decide if it fits into the comprehensive plan.  The City Council will also look at the request and vote on the plan and then it would come back to the Redevelopment Commission for a public hearing before confirming the resolution and adding the project to the list of projects in TIF District #3.

Greg Hildebrand and Don Wendel spoke about the request at the January Redevelopment Commission meeting.  They said the plan is to use the funds to do future projects to help bring in, keep, or expand the city’s industrial base.

The resolution passed with the three voting members present voting in favor.  There were two other voting members absent from the meeting.