The Plymouth Park Board is going to replace the “chicken coop” on the north side of Centennial Park. 

During the February Park Board meeting, President Dave Morrow said they are working with the Blueberry Festival to replace the structure. 

Superintendent Mike Hite said they need to replace the existing building that was on the property when the city purchased the farm ground, and yes, it was used as a chicken coop.  The building is block with timbers and the termites have gotten into the wood and severely damaged the structure.  Hite said the damage is so severe that he fears part of it could collapse. 

The building is primarily used by the Blueberry Festival as storage which is in the contract.  Hite estimated Blueberry uses 80% of the building and the park has about 20% for storage.

The plan is to replace the current structure with a 40 x 90 pole barn at the same location.  Funds are in this year’s budget for the project and Blueberry will be assisting too.   

Hite sought two quotes for the project and they were opened during the meeting.  Fineline Roofing from Nappanee had a quote of $121,000 which included full concrete flooring and electrical plus $6,000 to demo the current structure and remove it.  The second quote was from Steel Ridge out of Tippecanoe.  Their quote was $79,185 for the building and $5,855 for the electrical.

Hite told the park board that his staff may do some of the work to keep the cost down.    

Superintendent Hite asked the park board to allow him to review the quotes and award the project to the lowest and most responsive quote that fits into his budget so the project can get started when the weather breaks.  The park board approved his request.