Indiana State Senator Mike Bohacek (District 8) was honored for supporting a Term Limits Amendment in Congress. The U.S. Term Limits Pledge reads: “I, Mike Bohacek, pledge that as a member of the state legislature, I will cosponsor, vote for, and defend the resolution applying for an Article V convention for the sole purpose of enacting term limits on Congress.”

U.S. Term Limits Central Regional Director, Aaron Dukette, presented a plaque at the Indiana State Capitol in Indianapolis.  “Senator Bohacek is a real believer in this reform to have the state legislatures use their authority under Article V of the U.S. Constitution to propose a Congressional Term Limits Amendment.” 

More than 60 fellow legislators have pledged support for the amendment. Constituents want term limits on Congress. Term limits enjoy strong bipartisan support in Indiana, 79% of Republicans, 79% of Democrats, and 72% of Independents approve of placing term limits on members of Congress, 2022 poll of voters in Indiana.

Once the amendment is proposed by Congress or by states at a national convention, it must be ratified by 38 of the 50 states in order to be an amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

View Bohacek’s signed pledge here.

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State Sen. Mike Bohacek (R-Michiana Shores) represents Senate District 8, which includes Starke County and portions of LaPorte, Marshall and St. Joseph counties.

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