Marianne Peters, Director of the Marshall County Solid Waste Management District told the Board of Directors on Monday that she has a few Capital Projects Proposals to consider this year.

Peters said there is some money in the Rainy-Day Fund that could be used to do one or two of the proposed projects.  She said the projects she is looking at are looking at ways to be more efficient, gain some revenue, and make the facility safer.

Detailing each proposed project, she said she would like to acquire another vertical bailer.  The piece of equipment is used to bail the Styrofoam they are recycling.  She said they are also getting a lot of plastic bags since the COVID pandemic, and the grocery stores stopped taking them.  Solid Waste has a vendor for them so right now they place them in “super sacks” and use the forklift tines to smash the air out.  She said having a bailer to throw the grocery bags in makes them more valuable in a bail.  A used one is $5,000 to $6,000 while a new one is $10,000 to $12,000. 

The second proposed project is a fire alarm system for the Recycle Depot.  Right now, there is no alarm system and if there were a fire, it could burn to the ground before anyone would know it.  She is waiting for a couple of estimates on that project.  She said what they really need is a smoke detector system remote notification.  Peters said, while they passed their fire inspection, Inspector Rod Miller said the board should consider getting a system in the facility.

The third recommendation is a storage shed.  Something that they could place the Clean-Up Trailer in during the winter months and additional storage for drums and flammables for additional safety.  She suggested a smaller pole-barn structure. 

The final Capital Project is to expand the concrete on the west side of the driveway.  When semis come in to drop off or pick up a container, they must pull off into the grass to get turned. That area could also host additional roll-off containers if the center begins collecting additional commodities.

Peters said the projects were prioritized and asked her board their thoughts. While no money has been appropriated Peters said she wouldn’t take those steps until a project is decided upon.

Member Mike Burroughs said the Fire Alarm System is his first priority with the vertical bailer as his second. 

Member Stan Klotz said he felt getting a new vertical bailer is better than purchasing one that is used.   

The Solid Waste board didn’t take any official action.  They asked Peters to obtain quotes for the Fire Alarm system and the vertical bailer to present at their March meeting.