Janis Holiday from the Marshall County Council on Aging appeared before the Marshall County Commissioners on Monday for her quarterly report and sought approval of a vehicle lease agreement. 

Holiday explained that all their vehicles are owned by the county and leased to Older Adult Services.  As part of the pass-through agreement, they pay the county $1 annually for the use of the vehicle and handle the insurance and maintenance on them.  She said INDOT now wants an actual lease agreement signed by the county showing the vehicles being leased to Older Adult Services. 

The commissioners approved the lease and service agreements.

Holiday also presented the quarterly claim to INDOT for the commissioner’s approval.  Operating expenses for the quarter were $108,257 and the claim to INDOT is roughly half of that or $57,354.  During the quarter, Older Adult Services provided 6,561 trips with 76 trip denials in the county and 91 trip denials that were for out of the county.  Last quarter they drove a total of 46,000 miles.

The Executive Director said the new medium size transit bus that was ordered in 2020 is to be delivered in the next couple of months.  Holiday said the original price was $59,000 in 2020 and the price now is $117,000.  Fortunately, the FDA will be covering most of that additional expense so Older Adults share will remain at about $11,000.   

Janis Holiday also told the commissioners they are currently looking for a full-time scheduler/dispatcher and that they had another catalytic converter stolen from one of their buses that was parked in the Harrison Street parking lot.