Members of the Plymouth Plan Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals will be meeting Tuesday evening, February 7th in the second-floor Council Chambers of City Hall. 

The Plan Commission meeting begins at 7 p.m. and members will consider the request of Green Development Ventures of Portage Michigan to amend the Planned Unit Development of Riverside Meadows to change the use of lot 40 from Neighborhood Commercial to Single Family residential.

The Board of Zoning Appeals meeting begins at 7:30 and there are two requests. Brenton and Brooke Patterson of 13437 Nutmeg Ridge Drive are seeking a variance to build a shed 4.5 feet from the rear and side year property lines instead of the required 20 feet and 15 feet.  The second variance request is from Nickiba LLC of Naperville, IL.  They are seeking a variance of development standards to renovate the existing warehouse at 500 West Jefferson Street for use as a package liquor store and replace the existing pylon sign and two-pole base sign structure with a single two-pole sign structure.

Both meetings are open to the public and those attending should enter through the Garro Street door of City Hall and move to the second floor for the meeting.  The meetings are also available for viewing on the city’s website at .