The ballets have been set for the Municipal Primary Election that will be held on Tuesday, May 2nd

The deadline to file candidacy for the 2023 municipal election was noon on Friday, February 3rd

The city of Plymouth will have a Republican Primary because four Republicans are running for Mayor.  Those candidates are John Grolich, Greg Compton, Nick Fisher, and Rick Cooper Jr.  There is also one Democrat seeking the mayor’s seat and that is Robert Listenberger.

Only one person filed for the position of Plymouth Clerk-Treasurer and that was Lynn Gorski.   

The city has four district seats open and three At-Large seats open.  The Republicans have incumbents Duane Culp for District 1, Don Ecker Jr. for District 2, and Randy Longanecker for the District 4 seat.  The Democrats have incumbent Shiloh Milner for the District 3 seat and newcomer Cathy Huff Wraight for the District 4 seat on the City Council. 

The Republicans have two candidates for the three open At-Large seats, both newcomers, Brian Bartlett, and Brandon Richie.  The Democrats have three candidates for the At-Large seats, incumbent Jeff Houin, and newcomers David Morrow and Jennifer Fonseca. 

Looking at the other municipal elections in Argos the incumbent Clerk-Treasurer Lisa Mullaney is the only candidate.  There are three seats open on the Argos Town Council and three incumbent candidates, Republican Charles Randy Snead and Democrats Gary Schue and Shawn Harley.

In Bourbon, the incumbent Clerk-Treasurer Democrat Kim Berger is the only candidate.  On the Bourbon Town Council, there are two seats open.  The two Republican incumbents, Ward Byers and Terry Clemens have filed and so did Democrat Jonah Best.

In Bremen, the incumbent Clerk-Treasurer Republican Janet Anglemyer is the only candidate.  There are four At-Large seats open on the Bremen Town Council and there are six Republican candidates, incumbents Bill Daily and Michael Leman and Joe Blakley, Alex Mikel, Bryan Miller, and Barbara Sauter. 

In the Town of Culver, incumbent Clerk-Treasurer Karen Heim is the only candidate.  For the Culver Town Council, there are three At-Large seats open with four Republican and one Democrat candidate. Incumbents Republican Sally Ricciardi and Democrat Richard (Rich) West have filed along with Leigh (Boo) Marshall, Ginny Bess Munroe, and Dana Neer. 

In the Town of LaPaz, they have no candidates for the open Clerk-Treasurer’s seat.  For the LaPaz Town Council, there are three At-Large seats open and three incumbent candidates, Republican Roger Ecker and Democrats Cathy Welch and Ryan Young. 

Candidates have until Friday, February 10th to withdraw from any of the municipal elections. 

Voters can request an absentee ballot by mail by either calling the Marshall County Clerk’s Office at 574-935-8713 or they can go online to  The deadline for the county to receive an application for the 2023 Municipal Primary is April 20th by midnight.