Members of the Culver Town Council were updated on this spring’s Community Crossing Project.

Ginny Munroe said the town was awarded $320,456.25 from INDOT’s Community Crossings Matching Grant for the Lakeshore Drive project which will widen the street from Academy Drive to State Road 10 on the north end of town.

The preliminary budget number for the project from VS Engineering is $507,000. Part of the cost includes the relocation of a sanitary sewer line which was estimated to be $44,575 and would be paid by the town’s sewer department.  The local match from the Town of Culver Motor Vehicle Highway (MVH) Fund is expected to be $142,616.75.

The Town Manager reminded council members that the numbers are estimates and costs could change when they go through the bid process this spring.  Construction could be in late spring or early summer.

Munroe said she plans to send a letter to residents and businesses on Lakeshore Drive informing them of the project.  She said during construction there will be traffic slowdowns and inconvenience in accessing their property.   The contractor will have to maintain access to everyone’s driveways but there may be a need for a road closing during the construction. 

The Culver Town Council approved sending the letter to those in the affected area.