In January the Marshall County Drainage Board reorganized and decided to keep the same officers with Commissioner Kevin Overmyer as President, Commission Mike Burroughs as Vice President and Commissioner Stan Klotz, and citizen members Randy Glingle and David Stults as members.

The board heard the request of Merl Hayn to reroute and vacating of a portion of the Gabriel Leffert Ditch in Green Township, north of State Road 10 and between Lilac and Maple Roads.   

Mr. Hayn said he received approval from the ASC office on the proposed project that would extend the Gabriel ditch further to the west and then create a right angle and sent it south to meet up with the existing ditch.  It was noted that the new ditch has already been dug and Mr. Hayn has agreed to fill in the old ditch if the Drainage Board is agreeable to his proposed project and seed the banks of the new ditch.  The project includes vacating 935 feet of the current ditch. 

There was some concern about erosion at the curve where the ditch has a 90-degree angle. 

The County Drainage Board approved the rerouting and vacating of 935 feet of the Gabriel Ditch.  Mr. Hayn will maintain the new ditch for one year.  After that year, Mr. Hayn can bring back a request to accept the new portion of the Gabriel Ditch after that time period.   A written agreement will be signed between Merl Hayn and the County Drainage Board for the year of maintenance.