“I was proud to testify in favor of House Bill 1008 which prohibits the use of ESG policies by investment managers who are entrusted to protect the hard-earned assets of Hoosier workers and retirees. I commend Representative Ethan Manning for authoring this bill along with Representatives Mike Speedy and Shane Lindauer for all of their hard work. I was proud to stand alongside and partner with so many concerned Hoosiers and advocates representing our farmers, 2nd Amendment Rights, and energy producers.

As the State of Indiana’s Chief Investment Officer, the Indiana Treasurer is best suited to review and, if warranted, hold accountable those asset managers and firms that would make decisions that are based on policies that are political, social or otherwise non-fiduciary. My pledge to all Hoosiers is that we protect their hard-earned dollars and ensure that any decision involving their money is made in the best interests of their pocketbooks. My office and I are committed to that fight. This bill is a huge first step in that direction.”