The LifePlex released the recent results of an indoor air quality test for the community to see.

On December 20th Industrial Hygienists from Micro Air, Inc. conducted an indoor air quality evaluation with the LifePlex. 

The following environmental studies were conducted:

Microbiological air sampling inside the facility revealed extremely low total airborne mold spore concentrations…suggesting a very clean and sanitary environment.  The results were all well within the acceptable range for a normal and non-mold-impacted indoor environment. 

Microbiological surface sampling revealed no detectable concentration of mold spores.

The carbon dioxide levels measured…were below the recommended limit, suggesting that a sufficient amount of fresh air was being supplied.

No carbon monoxide was detected.

The indoor relative humidity levels measured during the study were within the recommended range…with the exception of   the pool area which was 2% higher than recommended at the time of testing.


“Micro Air, Inc. considers the indoor air environment of the LifePlex facility to be acceptable and suitable for public occupancy.” 

Owners, Dr. Byron and Mary Holm said they are pleased to be able to share this information with the community.