Members of the Culver Town Council conducted a public hearing Tuesday night on the proposed annexation of 4.5 acres at 18710 Tamarack Road.  The current zoning is C-2 and the zoning will remain C-2 with the annexation.

The petition for annexation was filed by Beachview Properties, LLC.  Developers Allen and Chris Collins plan to construct an executive storage facility for storing RVs, boats, and miscellaneous property. 

Local Developer Kevin Berger asked about the maintenance of Tamarack Road since one side is in the county and the other will be in the Town of Culver.  He wondered if they would split the maintenance cost or take that section of road into the town and if it would be an extension of South Main Street.  Town Manager Ginny Munroe said the county would continue to maintain Tamarack Road.

Mr. Wakefield said the building will be heated and has restrooms and he had some concerns about people staying overnight in the storage facility.  Munroe said part of the agreement the developer had with the Culver Board of Zoning Appeals was to commit to no overnight stays and it will be a condition of the tenant’s lease.

Attorney Burke Richeson said the executive storage facilities will be gated but the gates will be open during the day and tenants will have access after-hours.  He said the BZA requested security cameras to assist in assuring no one is staying in the units overnight.   

The Culver Town Council tabled the first reading of the annexation ordinance to allow members time to review the Fiscal Management Plan resolution that details the city’s financial cost associated with the annexation ordinance.  Munroe said several modifications were made to the plan and that it is rather a lengthy plan and urged members to review the plan before passing the annexation ordinance.

The Culver Town Council will consider the Financial Management Plan resolution and annexation ordinance at their next meeting on Tuesday, February 14th.