Plymouth City Attorney Sean Surrisi told members of the Common Council that a Kick-Off meeting was held on Monday for the Harrison Street Trail Project. 

Mayor Mark Senter, members of the Complete Streets Committee, Councilman Greg Compton, and Surrisi attended with representatives from USI Consulting.

USI will be starting with the survey work in the coming weeks in the hopes their planning will also be done by last summer.

The city did receive the initial approval of the ARPA READI Grant funding from the Regional Development Authority (RDC).  They were approved for $144,000 for the project.  They will be entering into a contract with the RDC for the grant funds. Surrisi said the fund will be available for the project once they get to the construction phase. 

The City Attorney also discussed a grant application filed by the Bowen Center and Garden Court through the Indiana Supportive Housing Institute.  Surrisi said, “This is a program, the same program that eventually grant funding was made available for the Serenity Place, supportive housing development on Jefferson Street.”  He said it’s a four-month process with several days of meetings in Bloomington that detail the supportive housing program.  All participants from the project team have to attend to qualify for the initial grant funding.   Mayor Senter participated in the training in 2016 for the Serenity Place project. Surrisi will be attending the institute this time. 

Surrisi said, “At the end of this process the project will successfully receive grant funding for another project in Plymouth.

During Mayor Senter’s monthly interview on WTCA’s What’s Your Opinion Show, Tuesday he said the proposed project will be for one of the hotels on the city’s north side that has become residential in nature.