Thursday morning four Democrats filed for seats on the Plymouth City Council. They were joined by Robert Listenberger who is running on the Democrat ticket for Mayor and Dave Morrow who is running for an At-Large seat on the City Council.  

Shiloh Milner, the incumbent City Council District 3 councilperson filed for reelection.

Jeff Houin, an incumbent At-Large member of the Plymouth City Council filed for reelection.

Democrats also saw Jennifer Fonseca file for an At-Large seat.

Cathy Wraight filed for the Plymouth City Council District 4 seat currently held by Republican Randy Longanecker. Wraight ran for Plymouth Clerk-Treasurer in 2019 but was defeated by Republican incumbent Jeanine Xaver.   

The Democrats are still hoping for a full slate and are looking for candidates for the City Council District 1 and 2 seats and a Clerk-Treasurer. 

While in the Clerk’s Office on Thursday morning, Republican incumbent Sally Ricciardi stopped in and filed for reelection for her seat on the Culver Town Council.