The Marshall County Commissioners and County Council approved the request of the Marshall County Health Department to apply for the vaccine reimbursement fund.

During the County Council meeting on January 12th Faith Freed from the Health Department said the state reimburses every county for vaccines they administer.  She said this is the third installment and is $76,834.47.

Councilwoman Nicole Cox asked what the reimbursement was for the salaries of those who administer the vaccines, she thought the COVID vaccines were paid for by the state.   

Freed said the reimbursement fee is for all the vaccines the Health Department administers, not just the COVID vaccine.   

Sandy Dunfee told the commissioners this reimbursement started when the Health Department was administering the COVID-19 vaccines.  She explained that they are able to bill insurance companies for the administration cost although the vaccine itself was free.  For those who didn’t have insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid the HRSA Division reimbursed them the funds. 

She was seeking approval to accept the funds.

Both the County Council and the County Commissioners approved the request to apply for the vaccine administration reimbursement.