The Marshall County Board of Finance met on January 17th to reorganize and review the 2022 financial reports.

The board retained Mike Burroughs as President and Kevin Overmyer as Vice-President with County Treasurer Kelly Einspahr as the Secretary of the board.  Stan Klotz will be the member. 

Einspahr presented the 2020 outstanding warrants that have been unpaid for two years.  These are checks the county has written but they haven’t been cashed.  There was a total of 18 checks with the smallest one being $5.18 to Richard and Martha Muffley and the largest being $2,077.20 to the Argos Police Dept.  The Board of Finance approved the outstanding warrants and said the funds will be turned over to Indiana Unclaimed.

The Interest Rate Comparison showed an increase in interest this year with a total of $392,515.18 in additional revenue which is $35,485.59 more than last year.  In 2021 the county’s earned interest was $357,029.59. 

Looking back over the last several years

2020    $1,235,911.44

2019    $1,199,440.95

2018    $   486,435.74

2017    $    402,169.26

2016    $    359,886.55

The County Board of Finance approved the Interest Rate Comparison Report.