Jason Peters, Marshall County Highway Superintendent was unable to appear before the County Commissioners on Tuesday, but he did send paperwork to be submitted with the application for this year’s Community Crossing Grant Funds. 

Peters has three projects selected for this year’s Community Crossings funding, Plymouth/Goshen Trail from the city limits to U.S. 30.  The cost estimate is $135,000.  The second project is 10B Road from State Road 17 to the County Line for $93,000 and Queen Road from U.S. 30 to 6th Road for $558,000.  His total project estimate is $1,623,000 and the county will be seeking a $1 million grant from Community Crossings and the remaining $623,000 will be paid from local funds. 

The Commissioners approved submitting the application to INDOT during their meeting on Tuesday and the County Council approved the submission at their meeting on Thursday evening.

The Highway Superintendent also submitted 9th Road from Pioneer Drive to Union Road as the only additional paving project to coincide with the Community Crossing paving projects.  This long stretch of road, approximately 5 miles is estimated to cost $1,226,000.  Commissioner President Stan Klotz did not address Peter’s request during the meeting since he was not in attendance and County Councilman Tim Harman said Thursday evening, he wanted to analyze the proposed project further.  He thought doing the work “in-house” would be a better price than approximately $250,000 a mile from a contractor. Peters said having his staff travel to Warsaw or South Bend to get hot mix material isn’t cost-efficient.  No action was taken by the council on the additional paving project either.