The Marshall County Commissioners approved the request of Sheriff Matt Hassel to purchase four new vehicles for his department. They are in his 2023 budget.   

The Sheriff said he sent requests for quotes to Oliver Ford and the Auto Park last month but only received a quote back from Oliver Ford. 

Hassel said he plans to trade in a 2011 Dodge Ram, two 2016 Ford Explored Police Utility vehicles, and a 2015 Explored Police Utility vehicle.  The trade-in value for the four vehicles from Oliver Ford was $8,000. 

The manufactures suggested retail price for a 2023 Ford Utility Interceptor is $46,900 and the Oliver Ford quote for the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department is $42,457.  The Sheriff will purchase 4 vehicles for a total price of $161,828 net after the trade-ins.

Sheriff Hassel told the commissioners he ordered a vehicle in August to replace a vehicle that was totaled in an accident, and it still hasn’t been delivered.  When he ordered the replacement in August, Oliver Ford ordered the extra police interceptors knowing that if they didn’t have the lowest bid for the county, they would still be able to sell the police vehicles to another department or dealership.

Sheriff Hassel said Oliver Ford told him they are scheduled to be built next month.