Robert Listenberger has a strong desire to lead the City of Plymouth and serve as your next Mayor.  

Born and raised here, Listenberger has proudly called Plymouth his home for 58 years.  

Listenberger is the father of three daughters Sidney (Hartung), Emily, and Celia. He is the proud grandfather of Etta and Adler Hartung.

He is a member of the Plymouth High School Alumni Class of 1983.  

His academic career at Ball State University to study Teaching and Business was cut short by the tragic and unexpected death of his father, Robert “Bob”.

Listenberger returned to Plymouth to help his mother Rosemary run the family business, a well-known, established restaurant in the community, The Balloon Wurks.  

Years later Listenberger partnered with his sister, Mary Beth, and expanded their business. That expansion included multiple Kentucky Fried Chicken franchises throughout Indiana, providing meal service to American troops across the United States as Federal Food Service Contractors through Hoosier Food Service Inc, and establishing the locally known Bob’s Cafeteria Food Truck and Catering, fondly named after their parents’ first restaurant established in 1955.

Listenberger feels his vast experience managing over 250 employees and balancing budgets will enable him to serve the employees of the City of Plymouth and be empathetic toward business owners.

He is a current member of the Kentucky Fried Chicken Franchisee Association.

He served as a former board member for the Restaurant and Hospitality Association of Indiana lobbying Washington D.C. for the restaurant industry.

He is a former member of the National Restaurant Association.

In addition to those accomplishments, Listenberger considers his AT LARGE seat on the Common Council as one of his highest honors in serving the citizens of Plymouth.  

Listenberger’s voting record on the Common Council demonstrates his eagerness to listen to the concerns of the citizens of Plymouth.

As the County seat, Plymouth is the heartbeat of Marshall County. As regional partnerships continue to strengthen, Listenberger is committed to his role as part of the interconnected and interdependent whole of Marshall County. 

Listenberger understands that in all small, rural cities across our nation, there are many opportunities and challenges communities are faced with.  Listenberger’s service on the Common Council, along with many other city-related boards has given him insight and knowledge to help move the City forward as a wonderful place to live, work, and play. 

His desire to enhance the quality of life has been quite evident in his community involvement over the years including his years of service as a Plymouth Parks and Recreation Board Member, and Plymouth Planning Commission Member, and has always volunteered and stepped up where needed. Recently Listenberger sat on a panel at Lincoln Junior High to listen to youth’s ideas for improving our community. 

Listenberger’s current activities include but are not limited to membership in the Knights of Columbus, a current member of the Plymouth Economic Development Commission, and a representative on the Plymouth Complete Streets Committee.

The next few terms will impact many generations to come.  Listenberger feels he has the energy and drive to meet and face the obstacles with a strong, concise direction. 

Listenberger pledges to put his heart into the City of Plymouth for the betterment of every man, woman, and child and humbly asks for your vote in November.

Vote “Robert Listenberger for Mayor”.

Article and photo provided by our news parteners at the Pilot News/ Jamie Fleury