Greg Compton is announcing his candidacy for the mayor of the City of Plymouth. On December 11, 2022, his Exploratory Committee met and unanimously voted 5-0 for him to run for mayor in the 2023 elections.  He has officially filed with the Marshall County Clerk’s Office his candidacy for this year’s election. Compton’s expectations are to continue to serve the City of Plymouth but now as mayor.

Compton’s platform for serving the City of Plymouth will include:

Improving our Neighborhoods along with the quality of life in our community. Statistically, most cities our size across our state and country have tremendous issues with deteriorating residential areas. We will reverse this trend and not be a part of similar statistics. We will promote clean and green neighborhoods and address our blighted areas of Plymouth in the most responsible ways.  We will continue to build a strong cultural community.

Proactively seek out and attract good jobs to Plymouth.  Continue to work closely with Plymouth Industrial Development Corporation, Marshall County Economic Development Corporation, and the Indiana Economic Development Corporation. Additionally, following up on prospective leads with a community proactive economic group that is focused solely on Plymouth.

Form a Business and Industrial consortium in Plymouth. Government, business, and industrial cooperation to promote a better environment for companies to be successful in hiring employees and maintaining profitable operations in our community.

Promoting an Effective and Efficient Local Government.  Promote spot on budgeting accountability. Sharpening our operation throughout the city making sure we have all the right tools and the right people.  Always rewarding hard and innovative workers with pay increases through annual reviews. Promoting teamwork as an overall community organization along with each department. Leadership is essential. We are in the service business and the best service you can provide to our community is a result of excellent teamwork and great leadership.

Compton’s focused platform is built to greatly improve our community. He believes when these areas improve so will our revenues by virtue of higher property values, business, and industrial tax revenues, better paying jobs for our citizens, and enhanced community services.

Greg has been married to his wife Jennifer for 40 years and they have four adult children (John, Meredith, Neal, and Sam) along with three amazing grandchildren (Evan, Seth, and Odessa).

Compton is a 5th generation native of the Plymouth area. He was a Marshall County Commissioner 2010-2012 (completing Tom Chamberlin’s term when he became Sheriff).  Greg has actively served on many boards and committees over the years. He is the current President of the Marshall County Solid Waste Management District (Recycle Depot) Board of Directors.  He served on the Board of Directors for Plymouth Industrial Development Corporation, two terms as United Way Board of Directors including serving as Treasurer, former Vice President of the Plymouth Plan Commission, Marshall County Plan Commission and Drainage Board, and served on the Board of Directors as Treasurer for the Wild Rose Moon.

Last year, Compton proved to be an advocate for Riley Hospital for Children.  He raised over $26,000 for the children after walking the length of Indiana (262 miles).  In the mid 1920’s, Riley Hospital gave Greg’s father the ability to walk.

Compton has had extensive background in finance and business. He retired from KeyBank in 2020 after serving over 15 years as the Plymouth Branch Manager. Formerly, Greg worked as Managing Director for IC Intracom UK located in Northamptonshire, England,  IC Intracom USA, and was President and founder of HQ Computer Products in Pensacola, Florida (sold to IC Intracom in 1997).

 Compton was active with the Boy Scouts of America with his sons, serving as Den Leader and Cub Master in the Cub Scouts and a member of the Board of Directors including Chairperson for the local Boy Scouts (Florida). Greg volunteered with Junior Achievement for two years at Riverside Middle School, is currently a volunteer with Kids Hope in Plymouth as a mentor and is on the management team for Marshall-Starke Special Olympics. Greg is a member of St. Michael Church and worships at Crossroads Church as well.

Greg believes Plymouth is more than a mere name or a place on the map in Indiana…we are community with a rich history and a bright future. He loves this community we call Plymouth Indiana…and wants the best for us…the very best. Compton would appreciate your support and will do everything in his power to continue to make Plymouth a great place to live and work.