Last week, members of the Culver Town Council were asked to accept the official letter of resignation from Culver Town Manager Ginny Munroe.   

She told members she wanted to comment on Blue Zones saying, “I know you’ve had your doubts about this project.  Personally, I wish you had brought them to me or the Crossroads Team or Linda (Yoder), or anyone else for that matter.  I know that the county voted to support this project 5-2 the Monday before our meeting.  That Thursday was the day the decision was made for the grant and I believe that was probably why it was brought up in our Tuesday Council meeting that week.” 

The Town Manager continued, “It clearly blindsided me so I responded with a resignation letter and would ask that you accept it at tonight’s meeting.”  She said her last day will be February 10th.  She also said in the past the Town Council has voted to accept letters of resignation. 

The letter was presented to Town Council President Bill Githens and when asked for a motion, after a few seconds Bill Hamm motioned to accept the letter. With no one willing to second the motion, President Bill Githens did, and then acting Town Attorney Jeanette Surrisi said that procedurally she wasn’t sure the council needed to accept the letter. 

Surrisi explained that since the letter was tendered it was effective and the town wouldn’t force someone to continue working.

Munroe just wanted to make sure the Culver Town Council officially approved her resignation date.

Since there was no other date discussed between council members the item was a moot point and the Culver Town Council didn’t make an official motion to accept the letter of resignation from Munroe.