The Marshall County Commissioners conducted their last meeting of 2022 on Friday, December 30th.  During the meeting, they approved the final claims for 2022.

The commissioners made their annual appointments which included 10 of their 11 positions.  John Greer was appointed as Maintenance Supervisor at the County Jail while Doug Masterson is head of the county’s Building and Grounds.  Pam Schweizer-Bets was reappointed as the county’s Veterans Service Officer and Jerry Huss will remain the Weights and Measures Inspector. The Marshall County Building Inspector continues to be Steve Howard and Michael Marshall is the county’s IT Director.  Clyde Avery has announced his intentions to retire but he will begin the year as the Marshall County Emergency Management Agency Director and Sandy Garrison will continue to serve as the Executive Director of the Marshall County Museum.  County Highway Superintendent Jason Peters was reappointed along with County Attorney Jim Clevenger. 

The only position that was not appointed was the County H.R. Director.  Ann Anglin resigned from her position last week and the County Commissioners will begin the process to seek a new H.R. Director for this county.   

There was no public comment.

The commissioner again thanked Julie Fox for 8 years of service.

The county commissioners will meet Tuesday, January 3rd at 8:30 a.m. in the second-floor meeting room of the County Building.