With the winter storm and below-zero temperatures over the next few days, the Town of Culver wants to share a few tips to keep everyone’s holidays merry and hopefully avoid potential home issues.  These tips are good for everyone in Marshall County during this storm.

During the period of bitter cold, consider setting a faucet, especially those that are on outside walls, to a slow drip to keep water flowing through pipes so they don’t freeze. Also, leave cabinet doors open below the sink to allow warm room air to reach the pipes.

Make sure you know where the water shut-off valve is located in your house in case a pipe does burst.

If you have elderly neighbors, please take the time to check on them to make sure they are keeping warm in a safe manner. Maybe even share a cup of Christmas cheer. 

If you normally park your vehicle on the street, please try to find off-street parking. It makes plowing and keeping the streets clear a lot easier for the plow truck drivers to clean the streets.