Plymouth Community School Superintendent Mitch Mawhorter asked school board members to consider the Administrator transfer to a Multi-Aged Program Administrator during their December meeting. 

He told them Angie Mills has agreed to help support the corporation in a new capacity, as the district’s first Multi-Aged Program Director.  In this new role, she will work to create daycare opportunities for the staff and make preschool available on a wider scale throughout the corporation in the coming years.  Angie will be administering grants and seeking out additional grants to help minimize the cost of the program as it continues to grow. 

Her administrator contract will be renewed for two years along with the $3,000 salary increase already approved and Angie has agreed to stay on as principal at Jefferson Elementary School until a replacement can be found. 

Superintendent Mawhorter asked the board to approve Angie Milles as the new Multi-Age Program Director and board member Allie Shook motioned and it was seconded by Larry Pinkerton.  The Plymouth School Board unanimously approved the request.

Superintendent Mitch Mawhorter will be our guest on Wednesday’s “What’s Your Opinion Show” at about 9:45 a.m.