Attorney General Todd Rokita has prevailed in yet another legal fight against President Joe Biden’s executive overreach in the form of draconian COVID vaccine mandates.

This time, in a lawsuit filed by Indiana and two other plaintiff states, a U.S. appeals court has struck down a rule requiring vaccination for anyone working for federal contractors.

“Hoosiers and all Americans should have the liberty to make their own decisions on whether to get vaccinated,” Attorney General Rokita said. “That includes individuals who happen to work as federal contractors. No one should have to fear losing their jobs just because they opt against getting a shot.”

In affirming a district court’s injunction, the appeals court observed that President Biden’s use of the federal Procurement Act to claim executive power to impose the mandate on third-party contractors is “truly unprecedented.”

Previously, Attorney General Rokita has also prevailed in cases involving 1) Biden’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration vaccine mandate, which would have applied to anyone working for a company employing 100 or more people and 2) Biden’s Head Start mandate, which would have required all staff and volunteers in Head Start preschool programs to be masked and vaccinated — and even required masks on children ages 2 and older.

Article provided by the Indiana Attorney General’s Office