Members of the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety heard the request of R. Yoder Construction to use the parking lot behind the south end of the library at the corner of Walnut and Garro Streets as a staging area during the renovation process of the Plymouth Public Library.  They also requested that Center Street be closed to southbound traffic between Washington and Garro Streets during the duration of the project.

There was some concern with the board due to the length of the project.  Renovations are expected to run from January 2023 until April 2024. 

Street Superintendent Jim Marquardt said he hadn’t received many complaints when the road was closed for the roof project at the library.  Mayor Senter said he only received one complaint and it was more on the length of the roofing project instead of the road closure. 

Marquardt did inform R. Yoder Construction that they will be required to provide the barricades and signage for the detour.  He also said southbound traffic should be detoured to Walnut Street and not to Michigan Street because that would create another issue.  Marquardt also questioned snow removal in the restricted area on Center Street and R. Yoder Construction said they will provide snow removal themselves. 

Police Chief Dave Bacon said the parking lot immediately to the south of their facility won’t be an issue as long as they stay on the southern portion of the lot. 

Fencing was another issue and R. Yoder Construction said they will be fencing in the staging area parking lot. 

City Attorney Sean Surrisi said when speaking with Brandon Richie from the Plymouth Public Library, he said since the pandemic, they have provided curbside pickup in that southern parking lot behind the library. Richie suggested designating a space in the northern parking lot for curbside pickup. 

The Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety approved the request with the stipulation that Police Chief Dave Bacon and Street Superintendent Jim Marquardt be notified of any changes to their plans.