Last week members of the Marshall County Park and Recreation Board received an update on the Trails at Mill Pond. Committee members of the mountain biking and hiking trails, Jeff Houin and Brandon Calhoun said they continue to work on the trails as time and weather permit.  They work to keep the trails clear of falling branches and trees.   

The Trails have now been open for two years and those taking advantage of the trails may see new trail sections this spring.

Houin said they are starting to look at locations for a new section of trails. Over the winter they will plan those trails out and begin working on them in early spring.

The 2022 Natural Inventory Study will be presented to the County Park Board in their February meeting but Park Board President Greg Hildebrand said there are a few items at Mill Pond that the board should be cognizant of when designing the additional trails.

The County Park Board has paid for a bike repair stand and tool which will be delivered any day. The tool cost was $427.95 and the mounting post is $197.94.  The board approved reimbursing Mr. Maddix for the cost.    

Work continues on a geocaching project at the Mill Pond Trails.  There will be a transparent box for placement at the trails because geocaching recommends a transparent box to the participant knows it’s safe to open. Planner Steve Barber said he will begin the process of getting a GIS wave point and once placed and approved a reviewer will need to check it and accept it.  Once this is completed it will be listed on the geocaching website.   He will return in the spring to complete the project

Calhoun said the donor board is complete and ready for pickup.  It will be installed in the next few weeks.

Park Board Secretary Deb VanDeMark said she spoke to a local vendor about the 3×3 stickers with the park board’s logo on them.  The trails committee wants to put stickers on the various markers on the trail.  She didn’t have a price because she was unsure how many they needed.  It was suggested about 500 so they will have some left in stock. 

The board approved the expenditure using the funds left in the trial’s budget.