The Marshall County Plan Commission met on November 17th and considered the petition from Marshall County Membership Corp. Planned Unit Development (PUD) to update the covenants and bylaws of the Plymouth Jellystone Campground.

County Plan Director Ty Adley said there were three updates to the bylaws.  The first update deals with sheds by amending section A and deleting section C and moving that information into a section on gazebos.   The second amendment adds a section for gazebos including type, height, and size.  The final amendment is to the violation process.  Violations use to go through the Park Manager, Head of Environment, Head of Security, and the Board of Directors.  The modification removes the Dead of Environment and Security and allows the Park Manager and Board of directors to handle violations. 

Adley noted the modifications are relatively simple updates but need approval through the County Plan Commission. He also said the changes needed approval from 207 of the property owners to pass.   He commented that the changes will not impact the health, safety, and general welfare of those in the park or the neighbors, there is no change in design or impact on the county‚Äôs fiscal development.     

Jellystone Manager Jeff Meiser appeared before the commission and told the Plan Commission.  When asked he told the commission there are 965 deeded lots in the PUD.  The commission also asked about frequency and attendance at their meetings.  Meiser said the annual meeting is held in September with a substantial attendance.   The board conducts monthly meetings on the 2nd Saturday of every month with 12 to 24 attending.  The meetings are also available through zoom.

There were no comments during the public hearing and no written correspondence on the request. 

Adley said the staff and TRC recommend approval.  The Marshall County Plan Commission unanimously approved the petition for modification of the PUD with 7 voting members in attendance.