Last week during the Plymouth Common Council meeting, Councilman Randy Longanecker expressed concern about the work Surf Internet is doing in his neighborhood and others.  He said at points where they must trench for an install, the backfill soil is frozen.  When it settles, there is an 8-inch depression.

Longanecker also said they work after dark, sometimes walking through backyards and not all of them are wearing high-vis.

Mayor Senter asked Utility Superintendent Donnie Davidson to address the concerns with the work crew from Surf. 

The City Council was also scheduled to continue the discussion on a Community Revitalization Rebate Grant request from Roger Holston and the Koontz Lake Brewery.  Holston has been remodeling the former 5th Street Grocery at 529 North Fifth Street for the brewery.   He is doing most of the work himself but would like to receive a rebate from the City Council for the materials.  The issue is the application process which requires at least two bids for the improvements to the exterior before starting work.  Holston hasn’t contracted any of the exterior work and didn’t bring his request before the start of construction.

He appeared before the City Council in November, but the City Attorney wasn’t at the meeting.  Council members had questions and tabled the request.  Last week Holston failed to attend the city meeting, so the council took no action.  They did ask the city attorney to review the request and provide a report to them at their next meeting.