Friday, the Office of Attorney General Todd Rokita released the following statement in regards to the medical licensing investigation case involving a 10-year-old girl:

“This is a win for patient privacy rights in the practice of medicine and for properly reporting child abuse. This case is not really about abortion, despite the best efforts of those with an agenda to make it appear that way. 

This has always been about two things: 

First, it is a doctor’s duty to keep patients’ information private, unless specifically authorized. 

Second, a healthcare provider must protect a child from being further abused by properly reporting the situation immediately to Indiana authorities as required by our laws.

But for the doctor’s violation of her patient’s privacy by going to the news media, this story would have never been publicized. 

The doctor and her attorneys initiated this media frenzy from the beginning, and it continues to draw attention to this innocent little girl who is trying to cope with a horrific trauma. 

The Office of the Attorney General will continue to fight for patients’ rights and safety in this and other situations.”’