Last week the Plymouth Common Council suspended the rules and passed an ordinance making allowances for the prepayment of certain claims in advance of any board approval if prepayment of the expenditures is authorized by the local ordinance. 

The ordinance allows for the prepayment on certain claims including property or services purchased or leased from the United States government, licenses or permit fees, insurance premiums, utility payments, and general grant programs where advance funding is not prohibited.  Other pre-payments approved include maintenance or service agreements, leases or rental agreements, bond or coupon payments, payroll, and taxes.

The ordinance authorizes the Clerk-Treasurer to prepay expenses, before the receipt of the applicable goods or services, if the expense has been previously approved by the applicable board.  

The City Council also approved an additional appropriation resolution for the Airport.  The council approved a $10,000 additional in the Aviation Rotary budget for the Fuel Inventory line item.  The additional funds were needed to get through the end of the year because the cost of fuel has increased.