The Culver Plan Commission held a public hearing on Tuesday, November 15th on an application filed by James Easterday, the attorney on behalf of Sage Road II LLC for approval of the rezoning of a rural Culver property from S-1 to Planned Unit Development (PUD) to allow for the construction of multiple private structures for private recreational use on a parcel of land at 18997 20A Road in Culver. 

Mr. Easterday said the owner envisions a private development with residential units, recreational facilities, a field house, a golf course, and family assembly/recreation areas. The attorney said the project meets the objectives of the PUD land use policies as it is designed and will be used basically for single-family activities.

The property is currently owned by Sage Road II LLC and Indiana Limited Liability Company.  Easterday said it is the intent that for the purposes of construction, management, and bill payment the property will be transferred to a new Indiana Limited Liability Company, under the ownership and control of the present owners.   


When asked about the proposed development schedule of the 53-acre parcel Easterday said they plan to build the Barn first, followed by the Clubhouse, and finally the Fieldhouse.  Construction is expected to begin in early 2023. 

Several citizens attended the meeting and asked questions during the public hearing. 

In the end, the Culver Plan Commission unanimously approved the rezoning request from S-1 to a PUD.