The Marshall County Board of Zoning Appeals heard the requests of Tom Flynn and Louie Plumlee to construct a storage structure on Dogwood Lane at Pretty Lake.

Tuesday evening members of the County BZA heard the request for a Variance of Development Standards to allow a secondary structure on a lot before the primary structure.  The second variance request pertains to total lot coverage.   The county standard limits the total amount of lot coverage to 45% and with the 44X56 duplex garage and proposed driveway, the coverage would cover 47% of the .14-acre lot.  The final variance is to reduce the rear year setback from the required 30 feet to 23 feet.

Flynn and Plumlee share the lot and would share the storage structure. 

Tom Flynn said they are just trying to make the lot useful. He said both homes have primary garages that are small, and they have run out of storage space for boats, golf carts, and cars. 

County Plan Director Ty Adley explained that the lot is too small to build a home on and the two families couldn’t split it into two parcels because it wouldn’t create a buildable lot. 

When asked why the structure couldn’t be pushed toward the back of the lot further is because the ground falls off drastically. 

The County staff and Technical Review Committee recommended approval.  There were no comments during the public hearing.  The motion was made by David Hostetler and seconded by Trent Bennett to approve all three variance requests for the duplex garage and the board unanimously approved.