Plymouth Tri Kappa has their homemade Buckeyes ready for your holiday season enjoyment or gift-giving solution.  A small container is $7 and has 10 Buckeyes and this year they are selling a large container for $15 with 25 Buckeyes.   

For many years Tri Kappa has made Easter Eggs each spring as their biggest fundraiser.  With the COVID pandemic a couple of years ago they ended up with lots of peanut butter and chocolate but no way to make thousands of Easter Eggs.  To use the product purchased for the eggs, the idea of making buckeyes was born.  The eggs took several days to make, many volunteers, and the use of a school kitchen became another issue.  Tri Kappa has made the change to Buckeyes for Christmas. 

The Buckeyes are now available and can be purchased at Fernbaugh’s Diamonds and Fine Jewelry in downtown Plymouth, at Plymouth LP Gas east of town on Lincoln Highway, Toni’s Hair Hut on LaPorte Street behind the Fire Department, or from Laurie Sutter’s State Farm Agency on East Jefferson Street. 


Hurry and get yours today because they won’t last long.