Janis Holiday, Executive Director of the Marshall County Council on Aging presented her quarterly report to the Marshall County Commissioners last week.

Holiday said quarterly expenses were $107,305 and revenues were $14,440.  The claim she presented for the quarter was $92,865. 

Janis said they drove 49,084 miles and made 6,762 trips. She told the commissioners they had 31 denials for trips inside the county and 78 denials for trips outside of the county.  She also said they have hired three new employees, so their staff is up to 20 which is helpful.

Speaking of the increase in trips, Holiday said in the first four days of November they had already taken 518 trips. 

The Council on Aging is purchasing a new automated scheduling system that will make things easier on the staff.  She said she plans on coming back before the commissioners before the end of the year with a claim for the new software system.