Marshall County Highway Superintendent Jason Peters had lots of items to discuss with the Commissioners during their meeting Monday morning. 

The commissioners approved three boring projects for Century Link, on Hillside Drive between Emerald Court and Diamond Drive, on Nataka Trail between 13th Road and Nataka Trail, and on 2B Road between Birch and Beech Roads.   

Peters quickly reviewed several of the county’s bridge projects saying the second appraisal for Bridge 1004 on Elm Road is in process.  Bridge #73 on King Road is complete and open.  He said it looks very nice and the small punch list for Milestone to complete has been finished.  The county is getting ready to settle the purchases for additional right-of-way for Bridge #87 on 11th Road.  The two holdouts on the 11th Road Bridge had second appraisals and the Olson property was settled for $4,650.  The county’s last offer to them was $3,250 and the Olson’s last demand was $7,500.  Olive Trail Farms was settled for $2,200.  The last offer from the county had been $2,100.  The deeds, easements, and supporting documents for Bridge # 120 on Upas Road have been sent to USI and they will submit to INDOT. 

The county is paying to replace Bridge #1 on Ule Trail and the letting date has been scheduled for November 18, 2024.  The topographic survey and hydraulic discharge from IDNR are complete.   All permits have been approved for Bridge # 11 on Union Road.  Stage three design work should be completed in the next couple of weeks and the bid letting is set for August 2023.  The environmental for Bridge # 232 on Randolph Street in Centennial Park in Plymouth will be submitted soon and the Purchase Order must be issued by May 2023.  The right-of-way is expected to start in the summer of 2023 and funding has been set for the fiscal year 2024 with the bid letting in December 2024.

The final bridge update was for Bridge # 231 on Center Street in Bremen.  The project is progressing slowly.     

Superintendent Peters said the Community Crossing Projects for 2022 are complete except for a few mailbox and driveway approaches.  This year’s projects included 12th Road from Michigan Road to Maple Road, Pear Road from 14B Road to 18B Road, 15th Road from State Road 17 to the railroad, Sycamore Road from 9th Road to U.S. 30, Union Road from 9C Road to 10B Road, Tamarack Road from U.S. 6 to the County Line, and 1st Road from Tamarack to the LaPaz Town limits.