Marshall County had a few races for Township Trustee and Township Boards although many of them had no races. 

For the Bourbon Township Trustee, Republican incumbent Ryan Schoir had no challenger and he received 742 votes.  There was only one candidate on the ballot for the three seats on the Township Board and Republican Kris Berger received 561 votes.

Center Township Trustee, Republican incumbent Amy Knapp was not challenged and received 3,046 votes.  There were six candidates for the Center Township Board and the top three vote-getters were all Republicans and incumbents.  Keith Hammonds had 1,968 votes, Bruce Knapp received 1,942 votes and James Baldwin gathered 1,906 votes.  The three challengers, all Democrats were Andres Dreibelbis 1049 votes, Cindy Martin Milner 1,023 votes, and Stephanie Peverelle 846 votes.

The German Township Trustee, Republican incumbent Ben Baker was challenged by Democrat Nichole Walter.  Baker easily won with 1,736 votes to Walter’s 375 votes.  The German Township Board had five candidates for the 3 open seats.  The top three vote-getters were all Republicans.  Bob Huff 1,471 votes; Donald Meister 1,320 votes, and Jon Monhaut 1,267 votes.  The Democrat challengers were Whitney Stillson with 369 votes and Paul Irons with 252 votes. 

In Green Township the Republican incumbent Marie Fishburn was the only candidate and received 282 votes.  There were only three candidates for the three open seats and James Fishburn had 206 votes while Shawanda Wenino took 154 votes and Dean Zechiel gathered 149 votes. 

There was no race for the North Township Trustee position and Emily Haskins a Republican received 968 votes.  Her board is all Democrats with Steven Davenport taking 416 votes, Stephen Barber 354 votes, and Carmen Megonnell having 311 votes.   

Jerry Lamb the Republican incumbent for Polk Township had no challengers and had 786 votes.  The Polk Township Board had four candidates to fill the three seats.  The top three vote-getters were Tim Kazanecki with 517 votes, John Einhorn with 492 votes, and Richard Parker with 480 votes.  The only Democrat was Julie Spitznagel who received 249 votes.   

Republican incumbent Matt Pitney was the only candidate for Tippecanoe Township Trustee and received 328 votes.  There were no candidates on the ballot to fill the three Township Board seats. 

In Union Township the Republican incumbent Marlene Morrison Mahler was the only candidate and had 906 votes.  The Union Township Board had five candidates for the three seats and the top three candidates were Michael Overmyer with 623 votes, Terri Jo Morrison Hinds with 544 votes, and Shirley Snyder with 500 votes.  The two Democrat candidates were Lynn Crist with 394 votes and Jenny Nowalk with 359 votes.

Stephen the republican incumbent for Walnut Township Trustee was not challenged and received 611 votes.  There were only three candidates for the Walnut Township Board and they were Dave Stults with 418 votes, Joseph Stone with 392 votes, and Kenneth Dowdle with369 votes. 

The West Township Trustee, Terry Borggren the Republican incumbent was the only candidate and had 1,130 votes.  The West Township Board had five candidates and the top three were the Republican incumbents, Thomas Flynn with 810 votes, Cynthia Slonaker with 749 votes, and Danny Bates with 697 votes.  The two Democrat challengers were Shelley Moore with 335 votes and Cheryl McKinley with 306 votes.