The Plymouth Community School Corporation (PCSC) would like to reignite the Wellness Committee! 

Amy Collins, the Director of Food Services will be hosting an open house for anyone interested in joining the committee.  The school corporation encourages all members of the community interested in health and wellness to join the committee.  This would include parents, students, and healthcare professionals as they all are stakeholders in our community’s health and wellness.  The PCSC would like those with interest and knowledge to have a say in the policies set forward by the committee.  Collins said, “Their input is integral to our success as a wellness team!”

The PCSC Health and Wellness Committee last met in 2018, before the COOVID pandemic.  The USDA waived updates to school Wellness Policies due to the pandemic, allowing school food service operators to focus on simply getting the students fed during that time.

The initial meeting will be quick and informal, according to Collins.  She said they will simply meet to gather the information of committee members and set their first official meeting date and agenda.

The open house meeting will be held in the PSCS Administration building conference room on November 21st at 7:00 pm.