Last week the Plymouth Plan Commission approved a minor subdivision of two lots on a parcel on Commerce Street in the northwest Industrial Park.

City Plan Director Ralph Booker told the members the Plymouth Industrial Development Corporation (PIDCO) made the request. The lot is on the northwest side of the industrial park and west of Pretzels Inc. 

PIDCO owns a total of 37.88 acres in this plot of ground.  The property is split with Commerce Road dividing it on the north and south side.  The northern lot is 28.18 acres, and the southern lot is 13.022 acres.  With the request is the extension of Commerce Road which will be extended and dedicated to the city.

Don Wendel from PIDCO told Plan Commission members there is someone interested in the northern portion that is not good for building and has wetlands and forested areas.  He said they plan to use the lot for preservation.  Wendel said the second lot will be available for future development. 

There were no comments during the public hearing.  Plan Commission member, Mark Gidley made a motion to approve the request and it was seconded by Bill Walters.  The commission approved the request with 7-yes votes and 1 abstention, which was Fred Webster who is a stockholder in PIDCO.

The request now moves on to the Board of Public Works and Safety for consideration of the road dedication.