During the October 21st meeting of the Marshall County Commissioner, Sheriff’s Detective 1st Sergeant Les McFarland requested permission to apply for the federally funded Domestic Cannabis Eradication and Suppression Grant through the USDEA.

He explained that the federal grant was given to the Indiana State Police and they disburse the fund through a program called a Marijuana Reimbursement Rewards Grant.  The ISP rewards police agencies for past marijuana investigation.  After providing them with the county’s past reports they awarded the Marshall County with a $1,500 grant which can be used for training or working with the county’s two K-9s.

Commissioner Stan Klotz motioned to approve the request and it was seconded by Commission Mike Burroughs to apply for the Domestic Cannabis Eradication and Suppression Grant Program. The motion was passed with a 3-0 vote.

County Plan Director Ty Adley requested permission to purchase a new copier from Adams Remco in the amount of $5,426.96.  He said the current lease will expire after 5-years. Adley said he doesn’t currently have the funds in his budget for the new copier.  He will seek an additional appropriation from the County Council for the purchase.  The commissioners were supportive of the purchase request.   

Commissioner Stan Klotz told the commissioners that Country Auto would be placing the order for the Surveyor’s truck on October 28th.  He requested and was granted approval to adjust the order and add a second vehicle for the Building Inspector. Klotz said Country Auto is willing to order the second truck now and receive payment next year. The request passed with a unanimous decision.