During last week’s Plymouth Common Council meeting, Human Resource Manager, Jen Klingerman gave members an update on the city’s insurance premiums for 2023. 

Klingerman said the current provider, United Health Care (UHC) came to the table with a 25% increase for next year.  It was noted that the city’s claims did not appear to warrant such an increase, so the city began the process of looking for another provider.

Working with Gibson, the city’s insurance consultants, they secured an option from Physicians Health Plan (PHP) a company they have used before.  PHP offers a significantly lower maximum out-of-pocket expense for employees and has broadened its network of providers.  While the deductible will remain the same the proposed premium is 1% over this year’s premium with a maximum increase of 12% that will be determined after the first full year of coverage.  The increase will be dependent on the city’s claims in 2023. 

City Councilman Jeff Houin said their worst-case scenario is still significantly better than what we were going that have to face. 

In other insurance news, Klingerman said the city’s vision plan will be the same rate as this year but have better coverage next year.  The dental coverage had issues earlier this year but that has been improved and they have increased the number of dentists providing services at the same rate for 2023.  The Mutual of Omaha life insurance offered to city employees is locked in at the same rate as this year for 2023.