Last week, members of the Plymouth Common Council approved a resolution allowing for the transfer of appropriations from several funds into the Engineering Department in the General Fund for services and charges and special engineering.   

The resolution allowed for the transfer of funds from the Local Road and Bridge Matching Grant Fund, Capital Outlays, and Paving Improvements line item totaling $100,000 to the General Fund to Engineering Department.

Plymouth City Attorney Sean Surrisi explained that with the transition in the Engineering Department, with Rick Gaul retiring about a year ago and the city unable to hire another engineer, the city wasn’t prepared to apply for the INDTO Community Crossings funding this year.  Therefore, there was money in the Local Road and Bridge Matching Grant fund that was available and could be transferred to engaged VS Engineering to begin some engineering work for 2023 Street Projects.  He said the work would also include work for a Community Crossings grant to fund a project the city would like to apply for early in 2023 and would include improvements on Gibson and Liberty Streets around the Lincoln Junior High School. 

Surrisi said the resolution just moves existing funds that are already in the budget to a different fund so they can be expended on these engineering services. 

The City Council approved the request with a 5-0 vote with 2 members absent.