In a press release, Senator Stacey Donato said, “The nation’s economy has been tumultuous in recent years, but, thankfully, Indiana is trending in a positive direction. Our state is currently exceeding many of our pre-pandemic economic benchmarks, showing the resilience of Hoosiers and the importance of smart investment.” 

In a study by Pew Charitable Trusts, Indiana is shown to be a leader in job growth, especially when compared to our midwestern neighbors. Since February 2020, the last month before the pandemic, Indiana created 18,000 new jobs. For comparison, Illinois is down 76,401 jobs, Michigan is down 96,000 and Ohio has lost 124,200 jobs. 

Donato said, “This job creation has been coupled with large investments from employers. According to the Indiana Economic Development Corporation, businesses have committed to investing $21 billion in their operations within the state. This is a dramatic increase from the $8.7 billion invested last year.”

Additionally, an all-time record number of new small businesses filed with the Secretary of State‘s office last year. People are seeing the value in doing business in Indiana and are eager to expand or begin their businesses here.

The Senator said, “At the Statehouse, we have made a conscious effort to create a welcoming business climate in Indiana, and we are seeing the benefits of those policies now. This growth is an encouraging sign for our economy, and I look forward to seeing continued progress in the years ahead.”