Grant writer, Shannon McLeod from Priority Projects gave the Marshall County Commissioners an update on the Stellar-funded Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation Program.  Funding was through Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority.  The total amount is $500,000 with no local match required.   

There was a total of 62 applicants for the program with 16 of them being approved for submission. Six of the homes have disabled individuals living there, two of the project homes are single moms with children, three are veterans, three are elderly and one is a family with young children. That totals 15 homes, the 16th home was recently sold so they are reviewing the applications and looking for a replacement.

McLeod said seven of the homes are in Plymouth proper, one in Argos, one in LaPaz, one in Bourbon, two in Bremen, and three scattered throughout the county.  The homes in the program date from as old as 1836 to 2000.  Projects include roofs and gutters, ADA improvements, insulation and windows, and plumbing and electrical upgrades.

The plan is to do the eight homes that require interior remodeling during early spring 2023 and the other eight that need exterior work in the summer of 2023. The contractors will have to meet the County’s Contractor Guidelines to qualify. Local architect Brent Martin will be doing the plans and specifications for these homes and County Attorney Jim Clevenger and Insurance Consultant Mike Miley will review all agreements entered between the contractors, homeowners, and the county. All work will be required to have a one-year warranty.

The budget for the $500,000 grant is $100,000 for administration with the remaining $400,000 being spent on the renovation work at the 16 homes.  Each home has a maximum allotment of $25,000. 

Bids will be opened on the eight winter home projects during the County Commissioners’ meeting on December 19th and for the spring projects on March 20, 2023.