Members of the Plymouth Redevelopment Commission held their October meeting Tuesday evening in the Council Chambers of City Hall at 5:30 p.m. 

In TIF District # 1, the U.S. 30/Oak Road area, Plymouth City Attorney Sean Surrisi told members the Hoham Drive project continues to move forward toward construction.  At the construction stage, INDOT takes over the project and contracts with the contractor who will be Milestone.  The Redevelopment Commission approved the claim in the meeting for $510,031.21, which is the city’s share of the project.  Surrisi said Milestone was given the notice to proceed and that the project is in a holding period for some additional engineering work and the utility relocation will begin with completion in the spring.

In TIF District # 2, the East Jefferson/Central Business District, Surrisi said the River Park Square phase II is getting closer to completion.  He said there is some site work to finish up, work on the Veterans Plaza, and electrical work at the pavilion they are completing.  The project is expected to be completed by the middle of November.

Adjacent to the River Park Square project, but not under the umbrella of the Redevelopment Commission Surrisi told the commission members the Historic Footbridge project is nearing completion.   Most of the hand railing has been installed, there’s some touch-up painting and site work to finish.  Michiana Contracting will be working on the lighting for the bridge project yet.  Completion should be in November.

With funding assistance from TIF District #3, U.S. 30/Pine Road area, Plymouth Utility Superintendent Donnie Davidson said in his conversations with Bruce Breeden from Telamon Energy, that the contractor to install the new solar project at the Wastewater Treatment Plan will begin bringing materials on site next week.  He also commented that there haven’t been any issues with material availability.   

The two also discussed the rebate using the Inflation Reduction Act.  Breeden told Davidson, “It is a for sure, by delaying the hookup with NIPSCO till early January we will receive a rebate check from feds for 30% of the total cost including most of our consultant and design work.  You will receive the money a year after completion as long as it is not activated until 2023.”  Davidson said the delay is only a month and the $350,000 is a good incentive to wait.