The Bourbon Town Council met in Special Session on Tuesday, October 18, 2022 for the purpose of awarding a three-year trash and recycling contract. The proposals were opened at the regular Town Board meeting on October 11th. 

Proposals were received from Apex of North Judson with a monthly cost of $19.95 1st year, $20.95 2nd year and $21.99 3rd year; Republic Services, $16.25 1st year, $16.90 2nd year, $17.58 3rd year; GFL Environmental of Michigan failed to meet the Proposal Specifications and was not considered. 

Borden Waste-Away of Elkhart presented a proposal of $15.83 for the 1st year, $16.61 for the 2nd year, and $17.45 in the 3rd year. 

Bourbon Town Council awarded the three-year contract for trash and recycling services to Borden Waste-Away of Elkhart. With the contract to Borden Waste-Away, Bourbon residents will only see a .56 cent per month increase in the first year.

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