Ginny Munroe, the Culver Town Manager, and Interim Building Commissioner has given notice of a petition that has been filed by William Londrey to approve a variance of development standards to allow for the renovation of a home located at 443 North Liberty Street in Culver.  The project involves a rear-yard deck that the petitioner wishes to move the deck stairs.  This will create a 5-foot side-yard setback when the town’s ordinance requires a 10’ side-yard setback.

The address of the property is 443 N. Liberty Street, Culver.

A public hearing on this petition will be held on Thursday, October 20, at 6:30 PM in the Town Council Conference Room of the Culver Town Hall.

Information on this matter may be obtained at the Culver Town Hall or by calling 574-842-3140. Written objections to the proposed changes filed with the BZA will be considered, and oral comments concerning these will be heard. This hearing may be continued from time to time as may be found necessary.

This meeting will allow for electronic and telephone participation via Microsoft Teams. A link and call-in number will be available one week prior to the meeting and included in the final agenda. For information on how to view or call into the meeting, please contact the Culver Town Hall at 574-842-3140.