Last week the Marshall County Council approved the request of County Auditor Julie Fox to create two new funds.  The two new funds are the Opioid Restricted and Opioid Unrestricted Funds and will be used to place the county’s share of the Opioid Settlement Funds into. 

In an email from Betsy DeNardi from the Indiana Attorney General’s Office to Commissioner Kevin Overmyer it states, “As many of you continue to focus on the devastating impact of opioids and addiction in your community, we wanted to share the latest information that we have about the initial distribution of the opioid settlement funds.  We expect that the first- and second-year payments will be transferred to you sometime early this fall along with the accelerated 3rd through 5th payment from the Johnson & Johnson settlement only.  Once all payments for the year have been received by the stat from the settlement administrator for each year then the distribution to local units will be made.”

This settlement is a multi-state litigation case involving 46 states and was negotiated over the past three years with various opioid companies.  Payments for the combined settlement will continue for 18 years.”

Marshall County’s estimated total unrestricted payment is $147,861.20.  Estimated 2022 unrestricted payment is $24,240.32 and the 2023 unrestricted payment is $300.30.  The county’s total estimated restricted payment is $473,213.35.  The estimated 2022 restricted payment is $100,173.34.  The estimated 2023 restricted payment is $15,394.61.  The estimated attorney fees for the settlement in 2022 is $18,691.10 and in 2023 it is $10,047.61.