E&B Paving was the contractor awarded the City of Plymouth’s Community Crossings projects this season.

Last week, Street Superintendent Jim Marquardt said the contractor was pulled off the city projects but will be returning to complete the contracted work.    

Marquardt told the council, “E&B Paving had started and completed two of the streets and got the cemetery done.  They got pulled out of town to finish another job and they plan on coming back hopefully at the end of the week.”

The City Street Superintendent said E&B has to finish Felix Place from Hillcrest Avenue to Pearson Place, Garro Street from Ben Lane 7th Street and on to West LaPorte, and 5th Street from Harrison Street to the railroad tracks.  They also still need to complete Angle Street from Ewing Street to the dead end, Flora from Harrison Street to PIDCO Drive, Crimson Lane from Hillcrest to the dead end on the west, and Hillcrest from Red Oak Court to Winding Oak Drive.

Marquardt did comment, “They (E&B) have all of the concrete done, finally, correctly.  They’ve had some problems with concrete with the crew they have and they’ve made everything right and they’ve been apologetic about that.”