The Indiana State Bar Association (ISBA) has completed its compilation of the 2022 Judicial Retention Poll responses. Results indicate ISBA members strongly support Indiana Court of Appeals Judges Paul D. Mathias, Nancy H. Vaidik, and Leanna K. Weissmann, all seeking retention on the Nov. 8 ballot.

The Judicial Retention Poll asks ISBA members if, in their opinion, each Court of Appeals judge up for retention in the General Election should be retained (yes/no). Lawyers are uniquely qualified to evaluate members of the judiciary. Through the Judicial Retention Poll, ISBA members help Indiana voters make an informed decision about their vote to retain a judge.

ISBA members were electronically surveyed between Sept. 5 and Sept. 30.

The yes/no retention results of the judges are as follows:

  • Indiana Court of Appeals Judge Paul D. Mathias: Yes-87% No-12%
  • Indiana Court of Appeals Judge Nancy H. Vaidik: Yes-85% No-14%
  • Indiana Court of Appeals Judge Leanna K. Weissmann: Yes-85% No-14%

Supreme Court and Court of Appeals judges face an approval vote in the first general election that occurs at least two years after their appointment, and every 10 years thereafter. There are no Supreme Court judges up for retention in this year’s election. Indiana voters will have an opportunity to cast their ballot concerning the judges’ retention next month.

Additional information about Indiana’s Judicial Retention System here: